Star Struck: Rock Star Romance Part 1 now #FREE #EroticRomance


Star Struck NEW NEW 1 FINAL WHITE AUTHORMore FREE erotica from Spice Ebooks!

In the lead up to the release of Star Struck Part 2, I’ve decided to make Part 1 FREE! Grab it now at these retailers:

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A sexy millionaire rock star. A young rocker eager for his first MILF experience & a hot blonde bisexual receptionist. Anna’s world heats up when she begins her new job at Lang Records.

Star Struck: Rock Star Romance Series Part 1, 2 and 3 is an erotic spicy read featuring multiple partners, f/f, m/f/f menage and entwined with a sensual romance that will keep the pages turning.


Dylan Lang, Manager of Lang Records, had gone corporate five years ago. He’d been your typical lead singer. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The whole lot.

No one knew why he had walked away from his successful career. He never did interviews and rarely made public appearances. Once an enigmatic rock star, he was now an enigmatic record label owner. His mystique and allure hadn’t changed, Anna noted, but everything else had it seemed. His long black locks were trimmed neatly, short back and sides, but fuller on top. To roughen the edges there was hint of stubble, but the earrings were gone, tattoos covered by a crisp suit, and his dark rimmed eyes kohl free. The former singer’s rock ‘n’ roll wings were clipped with Cartier cufflinks and couture.

Anna flicked a glance to the tour poster on the wall, her gaze roaming over the leather clad Dylan Lang of old and the sexy man clothed in Hugo Boss. Anna could hardly even picture the frenetic lead singer that had once graced the world’s stages. Was the old Dylan really gone? Was the rock star hiding behind crisp white shirts and dark suits? She wanted to find out.

Excitement coiled in her stomach when she looked at him. There was something about him still. An edge that couldn’t be dulled. He exuded power and sex. He looked like a beast about to pounce.
On her.


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