Verity Vixxen


You’ll find Verity wherever hot sex can be had. Sometimes, that’s the mundane world, but more often than not, she’s deep in a fantasy of her own creation, in exotic, erotic locations, and distant worlds.

Whether you’re being swept off your feet by lusty pirates, taken by the t-rex, or pounded by aliens, Verity writes to immerse you in a sexual world of hard loving that will leave you panting for more.

Verity aims to arouse your mind, as well as your body, with well-crafted stories, sexy heroes and heroines, and lots of steamy, steamy sex.

Verity is co-founder of Spice eBooks.

Verity loves to hear from you. If you have a special story request, she’d love to hear it.

You can contact Verity here:


Books: (by series) Clink on the links for more details and purchasing options

LUST ON THE HIGH SEAS (M/M historical regency erotica)

Book 1: Claimed By The Captain

Book 2: Caught Between Two Men 

Book 3: Both At Once 

Boxed Set: Books 1-3 of Lust On The High Seas 

Book 4: Claimed By The Crew


 The year is 1789, and nineteen-year-old Will Sharp has arrived fresh from the country to Portsmouth,  seeking a life of adventure on the high seas. Will secures a job aboard a trading ship called ‘The  Howling Whore,’ and impresses the stern and overbearing Captain Storm. He also meets the man of  his dreams in the blond Jon Dark. But all alone at sea, anything is possible… 

This series features hot and steamy first-time bareback gay teen sex, rough sex, menage. It has some romantic elements. Best of all, the first part is available FREE!!! Chilli Rating: 3 Chillis (hot!)

Get your FREE copy of the first in the series, Claimed By The Captain, now!

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Book 1: Pumped by a Pterodactyl 

Book 2: Pounded by a Plesiosaurus 

Book 3: Done by the Deinonychus

Boxed Set: Dionna Does Dino Valley Big Box Set Bundle

DionnaDoesBoxSet1FINALTHUMBDionna Donalson is a 27-year-old champion rock climber, who likes things spicy in the bedroom. When she is offered $10,000 to attend a secret meeting, she can hardly resist. She finds herself whisked away by private jet to the remote Bolivian Andes. She is met by the young, handsome professor, Liam Tomlin. He reveals to her the world’s greatest secret; a valley full of cloned dinosaurs. Professor Tomlin has a job for Dionna, a job only a woman with her expertise can manage; sneak into a Pterodactyl’s nest and steal an egg. But Dionna is about to get a whole lot more Pterodactyl than she bargained for. Dionna’s adventures also see her being Pounded by a Plesiosaurus, and taken by a pack of Deinonychuses!




A GIFT FOR THE MILF (M/F Urban Erotic Romance)

Book 1: FIONA – BBW Bored Housewife & The Fireman

Book 2: REBECCA – Cheated Housewife & The Doctor

Book 3: KAREN – Newly Divorced & The Delivery Man

Book 4: HANNAH – Single Mom & The Substitute


Boredom. Revenge. Curiosity. Lust. What makes a MILF take a younger lover?

A bored housewife. A cheated wife. A newly-divorced office-worker. A single mom, looking for love. Four stories. Four friends. Four older women who end up sharing themselves with men half their age!

Each short read contains one story, but all four stories intertwine. If you’re looking for a MILF story with a HFN ending, these sexy romance stories are for you! Note: Each of the four stories in the ‘Gift For The MILF’ series are stand-alone, and can be read in any order. They are short stories, designed to be read in less than half an hour. They’re perfect for when you’re waiting for appointments!


A SLAVE FOR THE DEMON (M/F Demon Paranormal Monster BDSM) 

A Slave For The Demon Book 1

A Slave For The Demon Book 2

A Slave For The Demon Book 3


A young slave woman from the mine pits, chosen as a sacrifice. A demon of insatiable lust. What will happen when he takes her as his own?

The day starts as any other, yet for me, a young slave woman from the mine pits, it will be a day like none before. I am chosen for the Master – yet little do I know that I am to be a sacrifice for a demon called forth from Hell. A demon of insatiable lust. A demon who demands utter obedience, inflicts pain, and takes whatever he wants. I will be his, utterly and completely. And I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything before.

These stories feature BDSM elements; whips, chains, dominance, and submission.  They also feature voyeurism, fist-play, finger play, a demon with a very, very large appendage, and a pair of imps who like to join in on the action. Not to be read by the faint of heart.


LUST. DESIRE. SECRETS. OBSESSION (M/F Billionaire Alpha Romance


Playing the Billionaire (FREE) 

Daring the Billionaire

Teasing the Billionaire

Vexing the Billionaire

Risking the Billionaire

Choosing the Billionaire 

“Hi. I’m Alicia Mellor. This is my story of how I met a billionaire. It’s not your usual rags-to-riches tale. For one, if you’re expecting a wallflower, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. I’m a girl who’s been around the block. I know what I like, and I don’t take crap from anyone. Hawk Kinsey, eldest son of Australia’s richest billionaire, might just be a typical alpha , but that’s only if I can be sure who he really is. Join me won’t you? I’m going to play this rich guy for all he’s worth.”

Meet Alicia, she’s 22, and she lives in Sydney, Australia.

She’s also loaded.

At least, that’s what she tells the rich boys she dates. But Alicia has a secret, one that she keeps all to herself; she’s not really a millionaire with dead parents and money tied up in Swiss bank accounts. She’s really a poor girl from the outer suburbs of Sydney, and she uses her con to bleed rich men of their money.

Everything is going well until Alicia gets an unexpected invite to the party of Hawk Kinsey, the newly-returned eldest son of Australia’s wealthiest billionaire tycoon . If Alicia can land Hawk, she’ll never have to pull another con again. Problem is, Hawk’s identity is secret, and no one knows who he is, or what he looks like.
Can Alicia discover the secret Hawk, and seduce him, all in one night?

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