Chosen By The Goddess

CHOSEN BY THE GODDESS (m/f paranormal were-rabbit erotica)

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The Chosen by the Goddess series is an erotic paranormal romance with a twist on mythology and the Goddess of Easter and her Rabbit, who delivers a different kind of gift for Easter this year.

After having the hottest night of love with the beautiful goddess Esther, Luke wakes on Easter Sunday to find that he has turned into a man-rabbit. Luke is startled at his new state but before he can work out what to do, a sudden and urgent need to deliver his gift arises within him, as does his manhood. So randy he cant think straight, Luke hops to it and delivers his gift to his hot buxom flat-mate, Tammy, who goes crazy for him. As does every woman who lays eyes on him, including Jen, his uptight neighbor, and Dee the sexy Columbian security guard. Who knew a man-rabbit could be so alluring?