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Spicy synopsis:

Mona Alps likes to know things, sexual things. Join her as she travels deep into the lands of the Fae for her in depth interview about the sexual exploits of Farran the Banshee. Who ever said banshee’s didn’t like sex? Mona finds out the truth, and more. Verity Vixxen will introduce you to the hard life of poor Cinder Ed, forced into a life servicing his horny stepsisters every sexual whim. But when will it be his turn for some fun? Find out what Cinder Ed gets up to at the Ball. Or gets down to. Scarlett Rowan tells the story of Isolde, a horny woman who is used to satisfying herself is cursed by a warlock to a Will-o-Wisp’s lantern to guard his treasure, but when she encounters three virile, handsome strangers, will she hand over the lantern and escape the curse, or give in to her carnal desires?


Spice Rating: 3 Chillis

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