Mona Alps

Mona Alps

Mona Alps


Mona Alps has written for as long as she can remember. From hearing her first fairy tale she longed to tell stories of her own. At first it was to her dolls, then her teachers and classmates and now to us at Spice Ebooks.

Ms Alps has a special interest in science and as such most of her work explore issues related to anatomy, anthropology, and archeology. Her work can be best be described as scientific erotic comedy. So if you enjoy a good laugh along with a good orgasm then Ms Alps is the girl of your dreams.

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iwtfncamInterview with the Fae, Volume 1

Three chilies





iwtf2amInterview with the Fae, Volume 2

Four chilies





lisa500750skinSkin: On a Plane

Two chilies





queenmartaday1 (2) Queen Marta’s Wild Week: The Unchaste Kiss of Water

Four chilies





queenmartaday2Queen Marta’s Wild Week: Portrait of an Unchaste Queen

Four chilies






Queen Marta’s Wild Week: The Scarlet Lunch

Four Chilies (F/F)





Coming Soon


queenmartaday4Queen Marta’s Wild Week: The Masterpiece

Queen Marta’s Wild Week: Steam





REVENGEontheexRevenge: The Ex Files

Revenge: Daddy’s Girls





tamethatwombTaming the Womb

Taming the Paroxysm

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