Robin Elizabeth


medusa_by_robinriedstra-d5rmrfjChili give you the runs but you still like spicy stories? You’re exactly who Robin Elizabeth is here for. Quirky and funny, yet passionate and at times dark, Robin Elizabeth covers a range of flavours from cinnamon to deadly night shade. Robin Elizabeth isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade, or indeed a micro penis a micro penis. She’s the kind of girl you’d love to have drinks with and dinner too. So get prepared to fall in love with Robin Elizabeth and her dynamic characters like we already have.

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WHIBCE1What Happens in Book Club…: E1 (It’s Not Me; It’s You) now available.

Get it FREE here: iTunes / Kobo / Scribd. / Inktera / Oyster / GooglePlay / Barnes&Noble

Also available on Amazon

What Happens in Book Club…: E2 (I’m Just Not That Into You) now available.

Get it on: AmazonKobo / Scribd. / Inktera / Oyster / GooglePlay / Barnes&Noble / iTunes for $1.99 USD

What Happens in Book Club…: E3 (It’s Complicated) is currently exclusive to amazon but will go wide in 3 months

What Happens in Book Club opens at the end of the book club’s meeting about Fifty Shades, it is awkward to say the least and the women decide that they need a year of classics to cleanse their minds. Gwyn, on the other hand, still steamed up from the reading has a chance hook-up with a businessman she dubs her Mr Grey. It is the greatest sex ever.

This sets off a chain of events where Gwyn has sex with men who remind her of the characters that her book club are covering. But can any of them live up to her Mr Grey? Will she see him again? Find out in this fun and flirty adventure

Each installment takes about an hour to read.


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