New Release: Pumped By A Pterodactyl (m/f dinosaur erotica) by Verity Vixxen

DionnaDoesPterodactylFINALTHUMB(m/f dinosaur erotica) 

Pumped By A Pterodactyl

Dionna Does Dino Valley: Book 1

Dionna Donalson is a 27-year-old champion rock climber, who likes things spicy in the bedroom. When she is offered $10,000 to attend a secret meeting, she can hardly resist. She finds herself whisked away by private jet to the remote Bolivian Andes. She is met by the young, handsome professor, Liam Tomlin. He reveals to her the world’s greatest secret; a valley full of cloned dinosaurs. Professor Tomlin has a job for Dionna, a job only a woman with her expertise can manage; sneak into a Pterodactyl’s nest and steal an egg. But Dionna is about to get a whole lot more Pterodactyl than she bargained for.

This book features erotic dinosaur love and is FREE!



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