Coming soon from Scarlett Rowan: Bound by a Warlock

I can’t wait to release my first story for Spice Ebooks – Bound by a Warlock: Tales of the High Reaches Book 1.

Using the folklore of the Will-o-Wisp – the spooky ghost light or lantern that was believed to be spirits of the dead, fairies, or supernatural beings, who lead travelers to their demise with their flickering or swaying lightI have spun my own sexy version.

Bound by a Warlock tells the story of Isolde, a passionate woman who is bound by the Warlock Hendrick, her former lover, to a Will-o-Wisp’s lantern to guard his treasure, a golden chest, till his return. A hundred years pass without the touch of a man and when a virile hunter passes through the lonely forest of the High Reaches Isolde’s lust threatens to take over. She must escape – for when Hendrick returns her death will surely follow. Will she pass the lantern to him and escape the curse, or fall for the Hunters obvious charms?

After tasting the Hunter’s lips, will Isolde be able to resist him, his lean body, or his growing desire for her? Or the well-built Merryman and the darkly handsome thief, a half-elf who enters the shadowed forest announcing the return of the Warlock Hendrick. Isolde craves the touch of these men, but yearns for freedom as well – she thinks she can have both, but is it worth the risk? And will she ever find out what is contained in Hendricks golden chest? 

Spice Rating: 

I hope you enjoy Bound by a Warlock: Tales of the High Reaches Book 1.

Scarlett xxx

The High Reaches are a darkly dangerous and beautiful cove in the Northern Lands of Theron. The people are passionate with deep desires who take what they want when they want it. With lusty pirates, thieves and tricksters – and the return of the Elves, the once hated race who now live alongside the people of the High Reaches – this cove will deliver a series of stories for your enjoyment. New titles coming soon!

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