Author Spotlight: Scarlett Rowan & ebook specials!

Hi everyone – its Author Spotlight time at Spice Ebooks! First up – Scarlett Rowan.

S Rowan profile with edgeScarlett, author and co-founder of Spice Ebooks, is a fiery red head who is often writing romance & erotic stories from the world of fairytale, mythology, and all things paranormal, but she can also be found back here in the real world, her fairy wings hidden, writing spicy contemporary tales of love and lust, erotic historical fiction and whatever tickles her fancy. And yours. Her characters have a really orgasmic time.

  • Scarlett Rowan has released three new erotic ebooks with Spice Ebooks. If you like sexy and romantic short stories (10,000 words) with steamy sex, then check out the selection below. And, don’t forget to join up to the Spice Ebooks Newsletter for monthly ebook freebies and specials + our free Welcome to the party Anthology with 3 free erotic short stories. Sign up HERE


Bound with flourish COVERBound by a Warlock (erotic paranormal romance): Isolde, a horny women used to satisfying herself, is cursed by a warlock to a Will-o-Wisp’s lantern to guard his treasure, but when she encounters three handsome & virile strangers, will she hand over her lantern and escape the curse, or give in to her carnal desires?

Bound by a Warlock is a paranormal erotic romance and first in Scarlett’s adult fairy tales series about how much a woman is willing to risk…for some hard loving. Everything.

Buy it here $0.99: Smashwords / Amazon / Apple iBooks / Google Play / Kobo / Nook /All Romance Books: 50% off short time only

The Taste of Honey (taboo erotic romance): The taste of Honey is good, or so Mack says, the man Honey meets at a bar on a busy Friday night at the Hilton. Honey is so over men she abandoned them two years ago for her vibrator. Enter Mack, a sexy, handsome businessman who kisses her to the applause of the bar patrons & takes her back to his hotel room. Honey wants more & she takes it, but who is Mack really?

The Taste of Honey is an erotic romance with sizzling sex and a twist of TABOO – Who is the hot sexy older man Honey has a steamy night of love with?

Download it here for FREE: Smashwords / Amazon / Apple iBooks / Google Play / Kobo / Nook / All Romance Books 

Jane’s Big Bang (first time erotic romance): Jane likes sex a lot, every day thank you very much. But when she meets virgin Hartley Montgomery, a shy scientist with a hot body who has never so much as kissed a girl, Jane needs to teach Hartley what a woman likes. And she does. Is horny Jane patient enough to wait till Hartley is ready? Hartley is worth the wait for when Jane’s big bang comes, it’s so much more than she ever imagined.

Jane’s Big Bang is the story of a hot for it horny underwear model who meets the geeky, but sexy virgin, Hartley & teaches him a thing or two.

Buy it here: Amazon 

Thanks for visiting Spice Ebooks – The Spicy Girls xxx

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