Amazon’s KU / Kindle Owner Lending Library Changes – Get some free titles while you can!

Hello lovely readers!

Due to Amazon’s changes in payment structure for authors of short stories (they’re going to pay us a hell of a lot less), you will notice that SOME series will be withdrawn from the Kindle Owners Lending Library / Amazon Prime program. This is great news for those readers who have writing to us looking for some of our books on your iPad, android or nook – they’ll be up on all those platforms very soon!

For those of you with KOLL / Prime memberships, the following titles will be coming out this week, so grab them now while they are FREE for you!

Pounded By A Plesiosaurus (M/F Dino Erotica)
Done By The Deinonychus (M/F Dino Erotica)
Slave for the Demon 1 (M/F Paranormal BDSM) (This will become a free title on all platforms)
Slave for the Demon 2
Slave for the Demon 3

Jane’s Big Bang: Love & Desire #2 (M/F Virgin/First Time Erotic Romance)
Veronica Fully Loaded: Love & Desire #3 (M/F Superhero Fantasy Erotic Romance)

Interview With The Fae 1 (M/F Paranormal Erotica) (to become a free title on all platforms)
Skin On A Plane (M/F Urban Erotica) (to become a free title on all platforms)
Queen Marta’s Wild Week 1 (M/F Fairytale Erotica) (to become a free title on all platforms)

Pounded in the Forest Books 1-4: Taken by the Hunter, Bard Elf, & Warlock (M/M Gay Paranormal Erotica)

And don’t worry – we will still be adding more KU titles in the future – and you’ll be happy to know they’ll be longer reads! 

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The Spicy Girls


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