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VERONICA Final Cover loaded3Veronica Fully Loaded: #3 Lovers

Flirty and forty Veronica is curvaceous and sexy, and knows what she wants. Or so it seems to the people around her. Vivacious Veronica has been hiding something from everyone though. She’s never had an orgasm, well not one she hasn’t given herself. And after her husband left her for a much younger woman she hasn’t been able to get herself back in the game. That is, until Tom comes along, and makes Veronica come too. But Tom is 15 years younger and Veronica vowed she would never date a younger man after her ex-husbands dalliance with a younger woman. But Tom is hard to resist and she can’t stop herself from playing his naughty games.


Revenge by Mona Alps

Revenge is a series of short stories about revenge. It’s naughty, it’s nasty, it’s everything you ever dreamed of doing but never could get away with. Volume 1 deals with those pesky exes. Nobody likes them, but we all have them. Live vicariously through women who take matters into their own hands when messy breakups happen. Stories range from revenge for being broken up with via a post-it note to an angry wife cheated on by her husband and caught on twitter. Get your revenge on.


Playing The Billionaire (Lust. Desire. Secrets. Obsession Book 1) by Verity Vixxen

Meet Alicia, she’s 22, sexy, sassy and she lives in Sydney, Australia. She’s also loaded. At least, that’s what she tells the rich boys she dates. But Alicia has a secret, one that she keeps all to herself; she’s not really a millionaire with dead parents and money tied up in Swiss bank accounts. She’s really a poor girl from the outer suburbs of Sydney, and she uses her con to bleed rich men of their money. Everything is going well until Alicia gets an unexpected invite to the party of Hawk Kinsey, the newly-returned eldest son of Australia’s wealthiest tycoon. If Alicia can land Hawk, she’ll never have to pull another con again. Problem is, Hawk’s identity is secret, and no one knows who he is, or what he looks like. Can Alicia discover the secret Hawk, and seduce him, all in one night?




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