New Release: Queen Marta’s Wild Week – Day 2 – Portrait of an Unchaste Queen (So hot it got the #Amazon #AdultFilter )

queenmartaday2Want to read the story that was so hot that Amazon felt the need to adult filter it? Get it here.

Queen Marta’s Wild Week: Day 2 is hard to find but equally hard to resist. Queen Marta is lonely. Her husband is often away campaigning for the greater good. Unfortunately that leaves Queen Marta, cooped up in a castle, all on her lonesome. Marta becomes increasingly frustrated, but this week won’t be like any that the queen has ever experienced before. It started with the cool kiss of water from a water dragon on day 1, now on day 2 Marta must play hostess to barbarian invaders and to make matters more interesting a rather fetching artist turns up on the scene.

This series goes out to all the wives of men who work long hours. The military wives, the trucker wives, the doctors’ wives, the CEOs’ wives. You know how Queen Marta feels


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4 Chilies, Adults eyes only!


Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures


Thank you so much Bailamos for the beautiful review of my ebook, Interview with the Fae: Volume 1. I loved the way it was thought of as almost a guilty pleasure. Something silly and fun that you just couldn’t help loving it. It got me thinking about guilty pleasures, everybody has them. Scarlett secretly holds a passion for all things Kylie Minogue, she even owns a replica pair of those gold hot pants. Verity is a bandit for red shoes, she owns more than you could possibly imagine, claiming that they’re not all red they they’re some bizarre name which translated to red and we all know it. And me, well… gulp, don’t judge me, but I didn’t hate the movie Dare Devil. I think Affleck is quite fit. So what’s your guilty pleasure? Is it Interview with the Fae? Getting your jam on to Taylor Swift? Or something more adventurous?


Mona Alps


Here is the beautiful review in full:

Review by: Como Bailamos on March 14, 2015 : There is a certain joy in what Ms Alps has done here. It’s silly and simple and hard to put down, though perhaps not as hard as some of the investigating the narrator enjoyed! This is one of those tales that is easy to read, and one that you think you probably shouldn’t enjoy half as much as you do. I found it fun, sexy, and an interesting source of dreams the night that I read it!