Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures


Thank you so much Bailamos for the beautiful review of my ebook, Interview with the Fae: Volume 1. I loved the way it was thought of as almost a guilty pleasure. Something silly and fun that you just couldn’t help loving it. It got me thinking about guilty pleasures, everybody has them. Scarlett secretly holds a passion for all things Kylie Minogue, she even owns a replica pair of those gold hot pants. Verity is a bandit for red shoes, she owns more than you could possibly imagine, claiming that they’re not all red they they’re some bizarre name which translated to red and we all know it. And me, well… gulp, don’t judge me, but I didn’t hate the movie Dare Devil. I think Affleck is quite fit. So what’s your guilty pleasure? Is it Interview with the Fae? Getting your jam on to Taylor Swift? Or something more adventurous?


Mona Alps


Here is the beautiful review in full:

Review by: Como Bailamos on March 14, 2015 : There is a certain joy in what Ms Alps has done here. It’s silly and simple and hard to put down, though perhaps not as hard as some of the investigating the narrator enjoyed! This is one of those tales that is easy to read, and one that you think you probably shouldn’t enjoy half as much as you do. I found it fun, sexy, and an interesting source of dreams the night that I read it!

Are French the Greatest Lovers? #MKR


I am about to commit racial profiling suicide and say that out of the three judges on My Kitchen Rules I would not choose the Frenchman to sleep with. WTF???? I hear women the world over cry in horror. But the French are supposed to be the best lovers! Have you lost your tiny mind? And although I understand all this, I still would not choose Manu to be my lover. So that leaves Paleo Pete or Crazy Colin. Spoilers, I’d choose Colin. Don’t worry, I’m now going to explain why.

Since Pete Evans has started his Paleo ways he is looking smoking hot. His skin is glowing, his body has trimmed down, and he looks damn fine in his suit. All true. Pete is no longer that slightly pudgy guy that you would have picked last for your team. He’s captain material, cute captain material. Colin, well… he needs a bit of a shower and some deportment lessons. I’d still choose him. Pete would be waking me up at 6am the morning after coitus, bouncing on his toes and demanding a brisk 5km run followed by lunges… and then I couldn’t even have toast afterwards! No thank you.

Now Colin is a man who likes wine and ice cream and despite his slightly greasy visage there is something quite alluring about him. I can’t quite put my finger on it, although I would very much like to, but he has something. It might be those smoldering eyes, that cocky half smile, or the way he moves almost snake like from side to side, or something less tangible. Whatever IT is, he’s got IT. Heck when you think of Johnny Depp he’s kind of lanky, gaunt faced and greasy too, but by Zeus I’d like to rock his world. So I’m team Colin all the way!

Whose team are you on?

– By Aunty Robin

Looks like even Manu chooses Colin.

Looks like even Manu chooses Colin.