New Release: Skin on a Plane by Mona Alps


I am excited to say volume 1 of Skin is finally out. The Skin series follows poor Livia who has a rare medical condition that lands her into all sorts of sexy trouble. Come along and watch Livia flourish from a shy young woman into a confident lady in control of her own life and sexual experiences through this seven part series. Join Livia in the Mile High Club in the first volume, Skin: on a Plane.

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Hope you enjoy yourselves, Ms Mona


Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with some Free Reading #SaintPatricksDay


What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a nod to the Fair Folk? Spend a little time reading about the coiling erection of a Leprechaun’s penis, the delights of a Banshee’s breasts, and much more, in Mona Alps’ Interview with the Fae. And what’s even better, it is absolutely free. So celebrate the luck of the Irish by using the code VS58D on Smashwords. Maybe you’ll even find a pot of gold. 😉

Mona Alps

Why Not Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a Spice Ebook?

We all know what the real spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day is, right? Drinking green beer, wearing giant green hats and making woeful Irish jokes. Well how about you add a little sexy reading to that list. Two of our titles deal with Celtic Folk Lore, Interview with the Fae and Bound by a Warlock. So how about you grab one of those titles and brush up on your Irish Folklore knowledge. You will be sure to wow other Irish pub patrons with your vast knowledge of Fair Folk appendages.

Mona Alps

St. Patrick's Day waitress

Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures


Thank you so much Bailamos for the beautiful review of my ebook, Interview with the Fae: Volume 1. I loved the way it was thought of as almost a guilty pleasure. Something silly and fun that you just couldn’t help loving it. It got me thinking about guilty pleasures, everybody has them. Scarlett secretly holds a passion for all things Kylie Minogue, she even owns a replica pair of those gold hot pants. Verity is a bandit for red shoes, she owns more than you could possibly imagine, claiming that they’re not all red they they’re some bizarre name which translated to red and we all know it. And me, well… gulp, don’t judge me, but I didn’t hate the movie Dare Devil. I think Affleck is quite fit. So what’s your guilty pleasure? Is it Interview with the Fae? Getting your jam on to Taylor Swift? Or something more adventurous?


Mona Alps


Here is the beautiful review in full:

Review by: Como Bailamos on March 14, 2015 : There is a certain joy in what Ms Alps has done here. It’s silly and simple and hard to put down, though perhaps not as hard as some of the investigating the narrator enjoyed! This is one of those tales that is easy to read, and one that you think you probably shouldn’t enjoy half as much as you do. I found it fun, sexy, and an interesting source of dreams the night that I read it!