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The Taste of Honey (taboo erotica romance, older man younger woman)

Star Struck: Rock Star Erotic Romance (m/f, milf)

Taken by the Hunter: Pounded #1 (m/m gay paranormal erotica)

Chosen by the Goddess: A Gift for Tammy (man rabbit paranormal erotica)

What Happens in Book Club: E1 (romance)

Interview with the Fae Volume 1 (paranormal erotica)

Queen Marta’s Wild Week: Feel the Unchaste Kiss of Water 

Skin on a Plane

Claimed by the Captain (gay bareback erotica)

Claimed by the Crew (gay historical menage erotica)

Pumped by A Pterodactyl (m/f dinosaur erotica)

A Slave for the Demon #1 (paranormal demon BDSM erotica)

Playing the Billionaire: Book 1 (Billionaire Alpha Romance) 

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Spice Ebooks welcomes two new erotic authors!

The girls at Spice Ebooks – Mona, Scarlett and Verity have welcomed two new authors to Spice Ebooks! More authors at Spice Ebooks means more erotic fiction for you – our gorgeous readers to enjoy.  Say a sexy hello to C M Hartley and Drum Aanul. You can find out more about them and their books on the Spice Authors page, but read on for an introduction to them and their spicy ebooks.

The Spicy Girls xxx

Photo of stylish man in elegant black suit

The ever stylish C M Hartley, adjusting his tie. The C M stands for Chance Macho. 

C M Hartley

I am a classy guy, just look at my photo, and I don’t mind a nice suit, but I’m also a hot for it erotic author who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty on the pages with either sex. I specialize in m/m, m/f, ménage, naughty fairy tales, gay erotica, paranormal erotica and whatever is lurking in my dirty mind. 

Contact C M Hartley here: chancehartleyauthor@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter.


Check out C M  Hartley’s paranormal erotica – the Pounded in the Forest series and the Chosen by the Goddess series.

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Pounded in the Forest (gay m/m paranormal erotica)

Chosen by the Goddess: Hare to the Throne (m/f paranormal erotica)


DrumDrum Aanul: I live my life by following the three R’s – reading, writing and rooting. Some people call me the wombat, because I eat roots and leafs… eats, roots, and leaves. My first book was For Skin: On a Plane, part of the Foreskin series, and I am also working on some Irish gay erotica, Pounded in the Myst and Queen Fanastasia’s Wild Week. Hope to rock your world with more arse blasters shortly. Got quite a few releases splattering your way soon. Soon but not prematurely.

WARNING: Drum does not do RFT. If people not consenting is your thing, then I am not the author for you. I am all about people having a great time. Weird, quirky, funny, and loving life. Positive kink. Sure, I’ve got mythical being’s doing some positively crazy stuff but everybody has to have fun.

Check out Drum’s spicy erotica below.

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New Ebook from Scarlett Rowan: Bound by a Warlock #erotic paranormal romance

Bound by a Warlock: Tales of the High Reaches Book 1 is available for purchase right now! 

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Isolde, a horny woman who is used to satisfying herself, is cursed by a warlock to a Will-o-Wisps lantern to guard his treasure, but when she encounters three virile, handsome strangers, will she hand over the lantern and escape the curse, or give in to her carnal desires?

Using the folklore of the Will-o-Wisp, the spooky light or lantern of spirits, fairies, or supernatural beings, who lead travelers to their demise with their flickering or swaying light, I have spun my own erotic version.

Description: Bound by a Warlock – Isolde, a horny woman who is used to satisfying herself, is bound by a warlock to a Will-o-Wisps lantern to guard his treasure. After 100 years without sex she lures three virile, handsome strangers into her light – will she hand over the lantern and escape the curse, or give in to her carnal desires? Isolde’s lust threatens to take over, but she must escape – for when Hendrick returns her death will surely follow. Will she be able to resist the hunter and his lean muscular body, the well-built singer, or the darkly handsome elf who melts her heart? Isolde craves the touch of these men, but yearns for freedom as well, and thinks she can have both, but is it worth the risk? And will she ever find out what is contained in Hendrick’s golden chest?

Bound by a Warlock is a paranormal erotic romance and first in my adult fairy tales series about how much a woman is willing to risk…for some hard loving. Everything.

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I hope you enjoy it!

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