Coming Soon: Interview With the Fae, Volume II by Mona Alps


I’m excited to say that Volume II of Interview with the Fae will be coming out shortly. If you haven’t read volume I yet there is no time like the present to get up to date. The Interview with the Fae series follows my sexy adventures through Ireland. I meet up with all kinds of Fairies and find out all about their wants and needs. Fair Warning, there is ‘biological’ sampling.

Find Interview with the Fae Volume 1 here.

New Release: Caught Between Two Men by Verity Vixxen (gay historical menage erotica)


Nineteen-year-old Will Sharpe has been given a job as a cabin boy, joining the crew of The Howling Whore. He hopes for a life of adventure and danger, and to build his kindling romance with the beautiful, golden-haired Jon Dark. But after a night of lust with the Captain, Will finds himself in a terrible position, caught between the man who has stolen his heart, and the man who has taken his body. Worse yet, the crew knows about his dalliance, and are eyeing off the fresh meat.

This 7500 word historical/regency erotica short is Book 2 of the ‘Lust On The High Seas’ Series. It features bareback teen gay sex, ménage/threesome m/m/m, rough sex and is intended only for mature readers.


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New from Scarlett Rowan: The Taste of Honey & Jane’s Big Bang

I am excited to finally release The Taste of Honey – Lovers #1 for FREE!!

Download The Taste of Honey HERE – for FREE

The taste of Honey is good, or so Mack says, the man Honey meets at a bar on a busy Friday night at the Hilton. Honey is so over men she abandoned them two years ago for her vibrator named Tim. As Honey waits for her always-late friend Jane, Honey dreams of what she could be doing at home – multiple orgasms is what…Tim was the best; he rotated, pulsated, vibrated of course….Enter Mack, darkly handsome in a crisp suit and tie. Honey is drawn into his sexy brown eyes and attracted to the hard lines of his body, and can’t quite work out where she has seen him before. She doesn’t want to date and has been hurt before but when he kisses her to the rounding applause of the bar patrons Honey can’t help but think that kissing and touching is something that Tim can’t do….

Honey wants more, and she takes it, but who is Mack really? And where has she seen him before?

The Taste of Honey is a love story with some added spice.

Spice Rating: chilli2


OUT NOW – Jane’s Big Bang: Lovers #2

Buy it now though Smashwords NOW – $0.99

If you liked The Taste of Honey, my first romantic erotic tale in the Lovers Series, then you’ll love Jane’s Big Bang: Lovers Volume 2, the story of Honey’s always-late friend Jane who likes sex a lot, every day thank you very much, and doesn’t mind who with, or where – the dirtier the better. But when she meets virgin Hartley Montgomery – a shy scientist with a hot body who has never so much as kissed a girl, Jane may have to wait, and teach Hartley what a woman likes. And she does.

Is horny Jane patient enough to wait till Hartley is ready for his first experience? Or will her rakish ex-lover Caleb tempt her away. But Hartley is worth the wait, for when Jane’s big bang comes, it so much more than she ever imagined.

If you like funny and sexy stories then Jane’s Big Bang is for you.


Spice Rating: chilli2



VERONICA Final Cover loaded3

OUT SOON: Veronica Fully Loaded- Lovers #3

Flirty and forty Veronica is curvaceous and sexy, and knows what she wants. Or so it seems to the people around her. Vivacious Veronica has been hiding something from everyone though. She’s never had an orgasm, well not one she hasn’t given herself. And after her husband left her for a much younger woman she hasn’t been able to get herself back in the game. That is, until Tom comes along, and makes Veronica come too.

But Tom is 15 years younger and Veronica vowed she would never date a younger man after her ex-husbands dalliance with a younger woman. But Tom is hard to resist and she can’t stop herself from playing his naughty games.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with some Free Reading #SaintPatricksDay


What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a nod to the Fair Folk? Spend a little time reading about the coiling erection of a Leprechaun’s penis, the delights of a Banshee’s breasts, and much more, in Mona Alps’ Interview with the Fae. And what’s even better, it is absolutely free. So celebrate the luck of the Irish by using the code VS58D on Smashwords. Maybe you’ll even find a pot of gold. 😉

Mona Alps

Why Not Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a Spice Ebook?

We all know what the real spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day is, right? Drinking green beer, wearing giant green hats and making woeful Irish jokes. Well how about you add a little sexy reading to that list. Two of our titles deal with Celtic Folk Lore, Interview with the Fae and Bound by a Warlock. So how about you grab one of those titles and brush up on your Irish Folklore knowledge. You will be sure to wow other Irish pub patrons with your vast knowledge of Fair Folk appendages.

Mona Alps

St. Patrick's Day waitress

Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures


Thank you so much Bailamos for the beautiful review of my ebook, Interview with the Fae: Volume 1. I loved the way it was thought of as almost a guilty pleasure. Something silly and fun that you just couldn’t help loving it. It got me thinking about guilty pleasures, everybody has them. Scarlett secretly holds a passion for all things Kylie Minogue, she even owns a replica pair of those gold hot pants. Verity is a bandit for red shoes, she owns more than you could possibly imagine, claiming that they’re not all red they they’re some bizarre name which translated to red and we all know it. And me, well… gulp, don’t judge me, but I didn’t hate the movie Dare Devil. I think Affleck is quite fit. So what’s your guilty pleasure? Is it Interview with the Fae? Getting your jam on to Taylor Swift? Or something more adventurous?


Mona Alps


Here is the beautiful review in full:

Review by: Como Bailamos on March 14, 2015 : There is a certain joy in what Ms Alps has done here. It’s silly and simple and hard to put down, though perhaps not as hard as some of the investigating the narrator enjoyed! This is one of those tales that is easy to read, and one that you think you probably shouldn’t enjoy half as much as you do. I found it fun, sexy, and an interesting source of dreams the night that I read it!

I Don’t Like Bitches Who Don’t Like Other Bitches: but I do love a subliminal menu #MKR

mkr4I don’t like bitches that don’t like other bitches. There I said it. And yes, I am aware of the irony of that statement. Katie and Nikki on My Kitchen Rules drive me nuts. Yes, I’m now a bitch bitching about a couple of bitches, I get it. But seriously, this whole, “There can be only one all girl team,” shite they keep peddling is getting right up my nose. This isn’t Mean Girls ladies, it’s more like Highlander, “There can be only one!” Only one team will be left standing at the end. This isn’t a girl on girl cat fight at some jelly wrestling event, it’s full on kitchen warfare. You are competing against everyone, boys, girls, boys and girls, not just other women. So here’s a little tip from Aunty Robin, other women are not your enemy, and when you make them so, you only put yourself behind. Whilst other women are out competing to be their best, you’re back there tearing down other women, and then after that, need to go compete with the menfolk. Stop wasting your time trying to tear other women down who are also fighting the good fight and concentrate on building yourself up.

I think you get the idea, I don’t like the butchers from NSW, however, bravo on the menu choice. You had me rolling. Nikki and Katie have said all along that they’re the “hot ones.” They constantly draw attention to their appearance, and clearly think all men just drool at their feet, so I do admire them working their menu to highlight what they perceive as their strengths. “Hmmmm, we’re not necessarily great in the kitchen, but we are great looking, so we can probably get the men’s vote if we get them thinking with their dicks and not their stomachs… what to do, what to do… Oh, light bulb!” And so they serve up, sausage (no explanation needed), spatchCOCK (I believe the capitals serve as explanation), and a deconstructed extra tart tart (both lemon and raspberry are quite tart, and their deconstructed tart looked messy, which represented them, two messy tarts). And it worked! They got two 7’s from Colin. He gave the sausage a 3, obviously it made him feel a little inadequate, but after that he was loving it. I seriously cannot wait to see their next menu. Good work on playing to what you perceive as your strengths Nikki and Katie, but please, put a mute on sledging the sisterhood. Never forget what the Spice Girl’s taught us, GIRL POWER!

– by Aunty Robin

“I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.” Erica Cook

Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica or Porn? (And what really is the difference?)


Once upon a time, Romance, Erotica and Porn were easy to tell apart. Romance, sold in your local Target store by well-known publishing houses, featured happily ever after stories and never mentioned a body part, except in euphemism. Erotica, romance’s dark twin, lived in the basement, where everyone was having a steamy, sexy romp. The general public often called erotica, porn.

The times are a-changing, and the lines between romance, erotic romance, erotica and porn have never been more blurred. Now, you will find romance books full of graphic depictions of steamy acts, as well as finding erotica (thanks to the likes of E L James) prominently displayed in Target.

But what really is the difference between the genres, and IS there a difference?

There’s been a lot written about the difference between the categories of romance, erotica and porn.

You can read a couple of great articles below:

This one, from Sorcha Grace at Huffington Post, has a nice little comparative table, and concludes that the only real difference between erotic romance and erotica is the over-arching love story.

This one, from RT Book Reviews, argues that ultimately it is the sex that separates romantic categories; A love story with graphic descriptions of sexual encounters is erotic romance; a story centred on a character’s sexual acts, even if they fall in love is erotica.

Most contentious of all, seems to be where the line is between erotica and porn. For some, like J Lea Lopez at From the Write Angle, erotic material is best described as porn when it has no purpose and depth other than sexual arousal.

Hazel Mills at SLS Paradigm Shift, quoting Rozanne Rhodes’ article, goes further, stating that erotica has a depth porn can never achieve. Porn is visual, geared towards men. Erotica has real characters. ‘It can be emotional, complicated, frivolous, fantasy-filled, funny, sexy or serious. Erotica can be very diverse…’


Whatever you believe the difference between romance, erotic romance, erotica and porn to be, one thing all the authors agree upon is that there is plenty of appetite in the market for sex, sexy stories and love stories.

We hope you’ll stop by, and have a read of a few of ours.

Verity Vixxen


Are French the Greatest Lovers? #MKR


I am about to commit racial profiling suicide and say that out of the three judges on My Kitchen Rules I would not choose the Frenchman to sleep with. WTF???? I hear women the world over cry in horror. But the French are supposed to be the best lovers! Have you lost your tiny mind? And although I understand all this, I still would not choose Manu to be my lover. So that leaves Paleo Pete or Crazy Colin. Spoilers, I’d choose Colin. Don’t worry, I’m now going to explain why.

Since Pete Evans has started his Paleo ways he is looking smoking hot. His skin is glowing, his body has trimmed down, and he looks damn fine in his suit. All true. Pete is no longer that slightly pudgy guy that you would have picked last for your team. He’s captain material, cute captain material. Colin, well… he needs a bit of a shower and some deportment lessons. I’d still choose him. Pete would be waking me up at 6am the morning after coitus, bouncing on his toes and demanding a brisk 5km run followed by lunges… and then I couldn’t even have toast afterwards! No thank you.

Now Colin is a man who likes wine and ice cream and despite his slightly greasy visage there is something quite alluring about him. I can’t quite put my finger on it, although I would very much like to, but he has something. It might be those smoldering eyes, that cocky half smile, or the way he moves almost snake like from side to side, or something less tangible. Whatever IT is, he’s got IT. Heck when you think of Johnny Depp he’s kind of lanky, gaunt faced and greasy too, but by Zeus I’d like to rock his world. So I’m team Colin all the way!

Whose team are you on?

– By Aunty Robin

Looks like even Manu chooses Colin.

Looks like even Manu chooses Colin.