New Release: Both At Once by Verity Vixxen (Lust On The High Seas: Book 3)


(Gay historical bareback menage erotica)

Things are really heating up on the decks of The Howling Whore. Nineteen-year-old Will Sharpe has finally had a taste of Jon Dark and longs for more, and it seems that Jon is ready to take their intimacy to the next level. Meanwhile, Arrow and Bull have also had a taste of Will, and been left with a craving of their own. But while Will’s sexual fantasies might be fulfilled, he is about to discover a betrayal that could end his relationship with Jon before it has even properly begun. Will it be up to Captain Storm to reunite the two men? Might Will get the threesome he is really after?

This 8000 word short story contains hot and steamy gay erotic encounters, ménage (m/m/m and m/m/m/m). It features some romantic elements.

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Coming Soon: Interview With the Fae, Volume II by Mona Alps


I’m excited to say that Volume II of Interview with the Fae will be coming out shortly. If you haven’t read volume I yet there is no time like the present to get up to date. The Interview with the Fae series follows my sexy adventures through Ireland. I meet up with all kinds of Fairies and find out all about their wants and needs. Fair Warning, there is ‘biological’ sampling.

Find Interview with the Fae Volume 1 here.

New Release: Caught Between Two Men by Verity Vixxen (gay historical menage erotica)


Nineteen-year-old Will Sharpe has been given a job as a cabin boy, joining the crew of The Howling Whore. He hopes for a life of adventure and danger, and to build his kindling romance with the beautiful, golden-haired Jon Dark. But after a night of lust with the Captain, Will finds himself in a terrible position, caught between the man who has stolen his heart, and the man who has taken his body. Worse yet, the crew knows about his dalliance, and are eyeing off the fresh meat.

This 7500 word historical/regency erotica short is Book 2 of the ‘Lust On The High Seas’ Series. It features bareback teen gay sex, ménage/threesome m/m/m, rough sex and is intended only for mature readers.


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New from Scarlett Rowan: The Taste of Honey & Jane’s Big Bang

I am excited to finally release The Taste of Honey – Lovers #1 for FREE!!

Download The Taste of Honey HERE – for FREE

The taste of Honey is good, or so Mack says, the man Honey meets at a bar on a busy Friday night at the Hilton. Honey is so over men she abandoned them two years ago for her vibrator named Tim. As Honey waits for her always-late friend Jane, Honey dreams of what she could be doing at home – multiple orgasms is what…Tim was the best; he rotated, pulsated, vibrated of course….Enter Mack, darkly handsome in a crisp suit and tie. Honey is drawn into his sexy brown eyes and attracted to the hard lines of his body, and can’t quite work out where she has seen him before. She doesn’t want to date and has been hurt before but when he kisses her to the rounding applause of the bar patrons Honey can’t help but think that kissing and touching is something that Tim can’t do….

Honey wants more, and she takes it, but who is Mack really? And where has she seen him before?

The Taste of Honey is a love story with some added spice.

Spice Rating: chilli2


OUT NOW – Jane’s Big Bang: Lovers #2

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If you liked The Taste of Honey, my first romantic erotic tale in the Lovers Series, then you’ll love Jane’s Big Bang: Lovers Volume 2, the story of Honey’s always-late friend Jane who likes sex a lot, every day thank you very much, and doesn’t mind who with, or where – the dirtier the better. But when she meets virgin Hartley Montgomery – a shy scientist with a hot body who has never so much as kissed a girl, Jane may have to wait, and teach Hartley what a woman likes. And she does.

Is horny Jane patient enough to wait till Hartley is ready for his first experience? Or will her rakish ex-lover Caleb tempt her away. But Hartley is worth the wait, for when Jane’s big bang comes, it so much more than she ever imagined.

If you like funny and sexy stories then Jane’s Big Bang is for you.


Spice Rating: chilli2



VERONICA Final Cover loaded3

OUT SOON: Veronica Fully Loaded- Lovers #3

Flirty and forty Veronica is curvaceous and sexy, and knows what she wants. Or so it seems to the people around her. Vivacious Veronica has been hiding something from everyone though. She’s never had an orgasm, well not one she hasn’t given herself. And after her husband left her for a much younger woman she hasn’t been able to get herself back in the game. That is, until Tom comes along, and makes Veronica come too.

But Tom is 15 years younger and Veronica vowed she would never date a younger man after her ex-husbands dalliance with a younger woman. But Tom is hard to resist and she can’t stop herself from playing his naughty games.

April 2015 Horoscopes – by Mona ‘Star Child’ Alps


ariesAries (March 21- April 19): Time to get your hot crossed buns into some adventures. Fancy a little sweat up adventure rock climbing, or maybe just in a hot house. Either way, this is your month to shine… with sweat.


Taurus (April 20- May 20): You need to escape. Your boss might not appreciate that. How about an escape of the mind instead with a little spicy reading?


Gemini (May 21- June 20): Chocolate. Chocolate is the answer to every question this month. Get the chocolate muffin, get the chocolate mud cake, and get the chocolate lip gloss and body paint.


Cancer (June 21- Jul 22): Hop, hop, hop, little bunny. Some people will feel the pressure this Easter, not you. It’s time for you to take centre stage. You go get your groove on Miss Thang. This is your month and you deserve it.


Leo (Jul 23- Aug 22): You probably over did it last month so unfortunately you might be a little run down this month… but wh has time for that? You are far too busy being fabulous with fantastic hair this month. Take it to the max!


Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22): Eat, read, and smother yourself in chocolate. Seriously, you deserve a break. Get yourself a spicy book and snuggle on down for a steamy adventure of the mind.


Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22): Red. The colour red is yours this month. Red lipstick, red stilettos, and most importantly, sexy red lingerie. You are Libra, here you roar.


Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21): Relax. All I can say is relax. Sail away on a little pleasure boat in your own mind. Take a reading getaway and don’t sweat the small stuff.


Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec21): Up the ante. Get your eyebrows done, get a waxing, yes down there, and exude power. Fake it until you make it.


Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19): Sort it out. Yes you. Do it. You can do it. You are capable, you are strong, you are smart. Now go out there and make a decision and own that decision!


Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): April is the month for amazing amorous encounters for Lady Aquarius. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius if you get my meaning.


Pisces (Feb 19- March 20): Kick off your shoes, put up your feet, put on your sexiest lingerie and read. Time for your mind to get blown. Everybody deserves a good mind blowing every now and then.



New Release: Skin on a Plane by Mona Alps


I am excited to say volume 1 of Skin is finally out. The Skin series follows poor Livia who has a rare medical condition that lands her into all sorts of sexy trouble. Come along and watch Livia flourish from a shy young woman into a confident lady in control of her own life and sexual experiences through this seven part series. Join Livia in the Mile High Club in the first volume, Skin: on a Plane.

Available for free: Smashwords    KOBO    Inktera    Oyster

Also available Amazon

Hope you enjoy yourselves, Ms Mona


New Release: Claimed By The Captain by Verity Vixxen FREE GAY EROTICA!!


Claimed By The Captain 

Lust on the High Seas: Book 1

(Gay, bareback, first-time, historical erotica)

The year is 1789, and nineteen-year-old Will Sharp has arrived fresh from the country to Portsmouth, seeking a life of adventure upon the high seas. Will cannot believe his luck when a chance encounter introduces him to Jon Dark. Jon might just be the man of Will’s dreams, and he offers Will a job aboard a trading ship named ‘The Howling Whore’. But to secure the job, Will must impress the stern and overbearing Captain Storm. Will is prepared to do anything for a life of freedom, but just how far will he be asked to go?

This book features hot and steamy first-time bareback gay teen sex and has romantic elements. Best of all, its available FREE!!! (on all channels except Amazon, who hopefully be price-matching shortly!) Chilli Rating: 3 Chillis (hot!)

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Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with some Free Reading #SaintPatricksDay


What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a nod to the Fair Folk? Spend a little time reading about the coiling erection of a Leprechaun’s penis, the delights of a Banshee’s breasts, and much more, in Mona Alps’ Interview with the Fae. And what’s even better, it is absolutely free. So celebrate the luck of the Irish by using the code VS58D on Smashwords. Maybe you’ll even find a pot of gold. 😉

Mona Alps

Why Not Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a Spice Ebook?

We all know what the real spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day is, right? Drinking green beer, wearing giant green hats and making woeful Irish jokes. Well how about you add a little sexy reading to that list. Two of our titles deal with Celtic Folk Lore, Interview with the Fae and Bound by a Warlock. So how about you grab one of those titles and brush up on your Irish Folklore knowledge. You will be sure to wow other Irish pub patrons with your vast knowledge of Fair Folk appendages.

Mona Alps

St. Patrick's Day waitress